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He did not say anything to them without using a parable.... Mark 4:34
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Jim Daly, President - Focus on the Family: "The Lord's Prayer remains one of Jesus' most beloved prayers - and with good reason, as He presented it as a model for His disciples and, indeed, for all believers. Bill Ray has dissected this famous prayer in a way that shows us what it looks like to approach God with adoration, purpose and genuine faith."

Answered Prayer: The Jesus Plan
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Answered Prayer: The Jesus Plan is a study of the world's most famous prayer, the Lord's Prayer (also known as the Model Prayer or Our Father), based on the premise that Jesus would not have told us to pray a prayer that didn't work, but that each line of the prayer was meant to bring about answered prayer and real communication with God. This inspiring resource includes:

  • Real-life examples of answered prayer that illustrate the practical truths found in Jesus' words.
  • "Digging Deeper" questions (with space for your answers) to help you consider how these truths change your life.
  • A Prayer Guide to "jump-start" your prayer life.

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    "William Ray has hit on something special with this book. The insights are perceptive, yet basic and easy to understand. I would recommend this book to both old and young believers alike. This book will draw you closer to God."

    "…a compelling, interesting read…enlightening…clear and powerful. I think it will make a large impact on those who read it."

    "Knowing God Through Prayer is a wonderful primer on prayer. As a pastor, I'm always looking for outstanding teaching material and this book hit the bull's-eye. Its practical and relevant illustrations give prayer a fresh perspective. Keep this one on the shelf!"

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    Bible Sidekick: Study Helps for Believers New and Old
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    BIBLE SIDEKICK is your companion for mining the truths of God's Word. Its wealth of pastor-tested resources includes:

  • The aims and benefits of Bible study
  • The Big Picture - What's the Bible all about?
  • Nuts and bolts - How to use the Bible
  • Close-ups - Book introductions with author portraits, must-reads, key memory verses, takeaways, and speed bumps
  • Evidence for the Bible's Divine inspiration - Fulfilled prophecies, archaeological finds, and scientific discoveries that support the Biblical record
  • Bible reading plans
  • Bible study methods
  • How to choose a study Bible
  • Glossary - theological terms in plain English

    From authors with a combined 50 years of ministry experience (William Ray as pastor and author, and Chris Danielson as missionary, radio host, and filmmaker), Bible Sidekick will be a trusted guide you turn to time and again to help you dig deep in God's Word.

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    100 Predictions about the Year 2000

    The 100 Most Entertaining Predictions About the 21st Century
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    A fascinating look at the predictions—wacky and wise—that have been made about our new century and millennium.

    For centuries, the turning of the 21st century has attracted predictions like a windshield attracts bugs. Now that we're there, we thought it would be fun to research what has been predicted about our day—from both recent and ancient history—and see how the predictions turned out. The result is The 100 Most Entertaining Predictions About the 21st Century.

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